Lichtundeisen was founded in Vienna by Stephan Slipek in 2008. With this company Stephan Slipek continues his family’s tradition of producing hand-made iron wrought lights in its sixth generation. From 1921 to 2007 these traditional lights were manufactured by Beleuchtungshaus Schmidt in Salzburg.

Company history of Beleuchtungshaus Schmidt
In 1858 Georg Junger started a wholesale company for fashion accessories on Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse/Alter Markt in Salzburg. Before the turn of the century he included a department for lights and lamps, always presenting the latest models.

In 1921 his grandson, the architect Adolf Schmidt, took over the lighting department and continues to extend the lighting business. He also renovated the shops on Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse and Alter Markt.

In June of 1931 he separated the lighting business from the original company, founded the “Beleuchtungshaus Schmidt” company and became its managing director. Despite the troubled times during and after the Second World War, Adolf Schmidt, his son Walter and his wife Julia managed to expand their business and earn a distinctive reputation.

The company was well known beyond Salzburg’s provincial borders.In its fifth generation daughter Ulrike joined the company in 1959 to learn the family’s business from the bottom up. Heinz Slipek, her fiancé, joined the company in 1961, where he completed his training as electrical engineer and handled the commercial side of the family business.

Ulrike and Heinz Slipek started to manage the company after Walter Schmidt’s death in 1977. They converted “Beleuchtungshaus Schmidt” into a company with limited liability and continued to expand their business with a second store in Schallmoos. This second store specialized in modern collections. In 1986 they turned the basement of the first store into a showroom. This renovation had a major positive impact for their company.

Since their kids had no plans to take over the family business, Ulrike and Heinz Slipek closed the second store in Schallmoos in 1995 and focused their efforts on the original store. Excellent service and high-end quality remained the cornerstones of their business throughout the years. The original store presented their wide range of lights and lamps on over 800 square meters – designed and produced by their own workshop.

“Beleuchtungshaus Schmidt” in Salzburg was closed in the autumn of 2007.