Our website only displays selected highlights from our wide range of lights and lamps.
As we produced thousands of designs over the last five generations, it is virtually impossible to display our complete product range. We will gradually add classic and new models to offer you a comprehensive profile of our work.

You can contact us anytime, if you are looking for a specific existing design or if you prefer individual concepts tailored to your specific requirements.

We are very proud of our longstanding tradition; every lamp and light is handmade by our skilled metal smiths. Your final product may vary slightly from photos and drafts, even the same models from one order may be slightly different from each other. We have several standardized colors for our lights which we can send to you via e-mail.  However, your choice is not limited to our standard colors we can accommodate virtually all your wishes to realize your unique vision.

Lichtundeisen is part of the Slipek consortium. This consortium also consists of the architecture firm Slipek & Homolka ZT GmbH and the Stephan Slipek engineering office. For more architectural information please visit us at www.slipek.com.